What is a full body lift?

Dr. Rodolfo Castillo board-certified plastic surgeon offers complete Body Lifting procedures to patients who wish to address multiple aesthetic concerns in personalized treatment plans. He offers aesthetically favorable results that give the body thin and toned contours. A full body lift can include flaccid skin on the arms, breasts, abdomen, buttocks and more.

A Full Body Lifting may be recommended if you have excess skin in the following areas:

  • Upper arms
  • Breasts
  • Abdomen
  • Upper or lower back
  • Butt
  • Thighs

While any patient can have a Full Body Lifting, the most common candidates are those who have recently lost significant amounts of weight. Extreme weight loss can lead to loss of elasticity of the skin with its consequent sagging, in multiple areas of the body. This can cause complications such as rashes and infections, and also conceals the aesthetic results of the patient’s weight loss.

Before and During the Procedure

While Dr. Rodolfo Castillo can perform some procedures at the same time, such as breast lift and arm lift, other procedures cannot be combined safely. Therefore, most Complete Body Lifting is completed in stages. One or two procedures may be performed at a time, followed by a healing period of three to six months before undergoing another operation.

Normally, for patient safety, Dr. Rodolfo Castillo performs combinations of procedures that are in the same area (upper or lower), that do not present a significant blood loss and whose combination does not exceed 6 hours of surgery.

The number of stages that your Complete Body Lifting includes will depend on the number and type of procedures selected. The time required between surgeries depends mainly on the extent of your procedure and how quickly it is cured. To ensure a successful recovery, patients should follow closely all postoperative instructions of Dr. Rodolfo Castillo.

After the Procedure and Recovering

During your body lift surgery recovery, dressings or bandages will be applied to the incisions after the procedure is complete. Small, thin tubes may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain any excess blood that may collect.


Following your full body lift surgery, Dr. Rodolfo Castillo will recommend you to:

  • Must wear compression garment or elastic bandages after the surgery for the next 2-4 weeks
  • Heavy lifting and activities that require extensive use of the lower body should be avoided for 6-8 weeks
  • Drains may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain any excess blood that may collect
  • You may resume sexual activity in 4-6 weeks
  • In case of any infection, wash the wound with soap and water. If discomfort persists, contact your Patient Care Coordinator