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  • October 25, 2019
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After losing a lot of weight, it is not uncommon for people to experience problems with stretch marks and loose skin. This is normal, and part of the nature of skin laxity. While the skin will not contract completely around its thinner frame, there are many body contour surgeries that can address these problems.

The team at our Tijuana cosmetic surgery center is pleased to offer various procedures for skin tightening and body sculpture, including tummy tuck surgery. For people who have experienced extreme weight loss, an extended tummy tuck may be more ideal for their needs.

What is an extended tummy tuck?

An extended tummy tuck refers to a variation of the traditional tummy tuck procedure. Extended tummy tuck is able to treat more the sagging, sagging and loose skin that occurs as a result of significant weight loss. Surgery involves a more extensive incision than traditional tummy tuck, and will require additional attention and attention when it comes to postoperative healing.

Ideal candidates for cosmetic surgery of the extended abdomen

Good candidates for cosmetic surgery of the extended abdomen are people who have experienced significant weight loss and have more loose skin than abdominal surgery can be removed. This loose skin usually centers around the lower abdominal area, flanks and love handles and hips. Candidates must enjoy good general health and not suffer any condition that makes this body contouring procedure a potential risk to general well-being.

During the consultation process, we can determine if an extended tummy tuck or other body lift procedure may be the most ideal for you and your needs.

The extended tummy tuck procedure

During an extended tummy tuck, a surgeon makes the following series of connected incisions that form an anchor form:

  • A circular incision around the navel.
  • A lateral incision that begins at the back of a hip bone, which travels along the side of the hip and the lower part of the abdomen to the back of the other hip bone.
  • A vertical incision along the lower abdomen that connects these other two incisions.

Working through these anchor-shaped incisions, a surgeon can remove excess skin and tissue, adjust the underlying structures of the abdominal area and improve the overall contour of the body. This eliminated loose and loose skin, and allows patients to experience a better figure in the process.

Recovery from extended tummy tuck surgery

Recovery of an extended tummy tuck takes time given the nature of the procedure. Most patients will want to take at least three or four weeks off work. They will need to get enough rest and slowly return to their normal physical activities and work tasks.

During the consultation process, we can provide detailed postoperative instructions for patients with tummy tucks.

Scars after extended abdominal cosmetic surgery

The healing after tummy tuck surgery is extensive and will be more noticeable and pronounced in the first weeks and months after surgery. Over time, these scars should disappear, and as long as they are present, they should be less noticeable. Fortunately, most swimsuits hide extended tummy tuck scars.

Learn more about extended tummy tuck surgery

For more information about extended tummy tuck surgery and whether or not it is an ideal option for you and your needs, contact our cosmetic plastic surgery center today. Our team awaits your visit and explains your treatment options in more detail.

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